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The Top 10 Largest Slots Gambling Wins in History

For many, winning big at a slot machine is only a dream. However, a few people have touched staggering amounts of money just by spinning the reels. While most of these winners landed jackpots in the City of Lights, some of them were lucky spinners at online slot sites.

Of course, the odds of landing a major win on slot machines are not very handsome. However, this does not mean there’s no way of becoming a millionaire. Here, we inspire you with the biggest wins that have been recorded in the history of slots gambling.

1.  $39.7 Million at a Las Vegas Casino

In 2003, a software engineer only spent $100 on a Megabucks slot to land a life-changing win of $39.7 million at Excalibur Casino, LA. The gambler, who chose to be anonymous, agreed to receive the money in 25 yearly instalments. The world is still waiting for someone to beat this record win.

2.  $34.9 Million at Desert Inn Casino

The Megabucks slot was again responsible for this major win, and the person spinning the reels was a Las Vegas cocktail waitress. Cynthia Jay Brennan landed a $39.7 million prize after coming from her workplace. Sadly, she got paralyzed from a terrible road accident not long after this celebration of victory.

3.  $27.6 Million at Palace Station

Her initial intention was to part with $100. However, the retiree used $300 on a Megabucks slot that didn’t disappoint. Her 1998 investment in a casino at Sin City returned a huge $27.6 million win.

4.  €17.8 Million at an Online Casino

A Finnish player used a mere 25± on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot in 2013 to land this massive jackpot. Estimated to be worth about $23.6 million back then, the win happened online at

5.  $22.6 Million at Bally’s

In 2002, Bally’s became another center for a huge Megabucks machine jackpot. At 74, Johanna Heundl only invested $170 to become the lucky winner of $22.6 million.

6.  $21.3 Million at Caesar’s Palace

A 49-year-old Illinois business consultant placed a wager of $10 on the Megabucks machine in 1999. The anonymous punter walked away from Caesar’s Palace $21.3 million richer.

7.  $21.1 Million at Canary Casino & Hotel

In 1989, a Las Vegas casino parted with $4.6 million, and the lucky winner was Elmer Sherwin. This win was nothing compared to 2005’s, when, at 92, he bagged $21.1 million after betting on a Megabucks machine at Calvary Casino & Hotel.

8.  ÂŁ13.2 Million at Another Online Casino

In 2013, £13.2 million was about $20.8 million. That’s what a British soldier, Jon Hayward, won at Betway. He wagered only 25p to hit the Megah Moolah jackpot.

9.  $17.3 Million at M Resort

This win should trigger the motivation to use your free credits next time you visit a best paying casino or play online. A woman used hers on a Megabucks machine in Henderson and instantly became a multi-millionaire.

10.  $14.3 Million at Las Vegas’ Rampart Casino

To close this list is this win in 2013. A local man, who requested anonymity, wagered $20 on a Megabucks slot only to walk away with a massive $14,282,544 jackpot. He offered to donate a huge chunk of the money to charity and his church.

It Should Now Be Clear

You now see the possibility of hitting a major jackpot when trying your luck at a slots machine. These success stories should inspire you to use whatever is in your hands, even if it is a $10 bill or a free credit. You could land a fortune.

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